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Matching Our Marketing Dollars

According to Continental's Becky Latrobe, "The mCon program has been a huge help to CTI in regards to both pipeline [and] management of marketing efforts. I am a one-person team who manages vendor relations [and] all marketing efforts including email, website, events, collateral etc.; I am also responsible for new business development at CTI. As a result, my time is valuable and spread thin. I view the mCon team as an extension of me. They help me manage everything from deciding how to best spend marketing dollars, to the execution and monitoring of these programs. In addition they have introduced me to new companies who have helped us extend our brand as well as gain new appointments, resulting in net new Cisco business. And last but not least [they] have matched our marketing dollars and therefore allowed CTI to have a marketing effort that is double the size we could have done on our own. We have found several new and sizeable Cisco opportunities through the mCon program. So far, our pipeline through mCon includes Lorien Health and NMS Healthcare [which] combined consist of approximately $300,000 worth of current pipeline. I hope to keep mCon going, it is a valuable service…we love the team too!”