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Unlocking New Sales Opportunities with Cisco Co-Marketing Resources
Partnering with Cisco has enabled solution provider BCS to dramatically boost sales and expand its lead potential. “With help from our Cisco representatives, we developed a complete voice marketing campaign and sold 18 new phone systems in one month. 2010 has been our best year ever. Our sales went up 172 percent, and we attribute much of our success to our Cisco relationship,” reports Reza Khorramian, President, Business Communications Solutions.


With a staff of 20 and limited marketing resources, BCS needed a smart approach to succeed in a highly competitive environment. “Our customers increasingly demanded a complete IP telephony solution,” says Khorramian. “The Cisco solution [Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business] is designed specifically for small businesses, the price is right, and it was easy for us to get certified and sell it.”

Partnering with Cisco not only gave BCS the opportunity to offer an attractive, all-in-one communications platform, it also provided access to a broad range of Cisco Small Business Marketing resources, including marketing and demand generation tools, detailed solution blueprints, and incentives and promotions, which enabled BCS to dramatically improve every aspect of its marketing efforts, from lead generation to developing and closing proposals. Employing a more strategic approach to marketing lets BCS become more innovative, market to a broader audience, and create new sales opportunities.

Co-marketing with Cisco has also helped BCS to close deals more effectively, and gives BCS better insight into its customers and greater understanding of how effective its marketing initiatives are. "Our two organizations complement one another," says Khorramian. "I don’t have to be as hands-on, so I can concentrate on running the business.”