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The mConcierge Program:
Q: What is the mConcierge Program?

A. mConcierge is a marketing concierge program for Cisco partners. It helps generates demand for partner products and services by automating numerous integrated marketing activities. These activities are based on a collaborative marketing plan that is tailored to the partner’s goals and budget.

Q: What does it mean to be a mConcierge partner?

A. Cisco mConcierge is an invitation-only program. As an mConcierge partner, you have been that have been selected to participate in a program that has demonstrated ability to grow Cisco partner practices by doing more effective integrated co-marketing activities.

Q: What can I expect from the mConcierge program?

A. As an mConcierge participant, rough the mConcierge Program you an expect towill be assigned to an mCon representative who can assist you in establishing and executing an integrated marketing plan tailored to grow your Cisco business practice based on your goals and priorities. You will receive industry leading marketing support, marketing consultation, and access to a comprehensive suite of automated marketing tools and resources.

Q: Why should I participate in the mConcierge program?

A. By participating in the mConcierge you will receive:

  • Live support from qualified mConcierge representatives
  • Increased awareness of Cisco marketing programs, resources, promotions and tools.
  • Unlimited access to the most innovative marketing execution platform in the industry.
  • One-click execution on a comprehensive library of Cisco marketing assets including e-mails, direct mail, flyers, brochures, search engine marketing, banner ads, landing pages and micro sites.
  • Detailed campaign tracking and metrics including trackable phone numbers, QR codes, lead prioritization, lead management, dwords API, reportingand more.
Q: How will my business benefit from the mConcierge program?

A. You can spend less time prospecting and more time nurturing leads and closing deals. Your business will benefit by the creation of a more predictable lead generation model to increase your Cisco sales and profitability. Partners that have participated in the past have seen up to 30% increases in Cisco product revenue.

Q: How can I be nominated for this program? How do I get involved with the mConcierge program?

A. If you are interested in participating in mConcierge, please contact your Cisco Account Manager and submit an online request form through our feedback page (link to feedback form…need to add categories of feedback…will send in a separate e-mail).

Q: How long will the mConcierge program last?

A. As an active partner on mConcierge, you will be asked to set up a one-year marketing plan. FY12 is the third year that mConcierge has been supporting Cisco partners and we are hoping to continue to roll the program out at an accelerated pace.

Q: How much does the mConcierge program cost?

A. The mConcierge service and execution platform has been fully subsidized by Cisco. The only partner costs are those associated with the execution of your marketing activities. For example, list purchases, search engine marketing costs (e.g. Google AdWords), media purchases (e.g. magazine ad), events, etc.

Q: Will the mConcierge program give me co-marketing funds?

A. You will need to work with your mConcierge representative and Cisco field reps for details on funding availability.

Q: What type of marketing support will mConcierge provide?

A. Areas of support include market opportunity analysis, campaign planning, marketing execution services through the mCon marketing platform, and campaign optimization. You can also expect ongoing updates on “best practices” based on the performance of other partner campaigns and tactics.

Q: Who is my mConcierge Rep?

A. Your mCon rep is assigned by Cisco regions. Once nominated for the program you will receive information about your mCon rep and can reach out to begin the mConcierge process.

Q: How many leads can I expect this program to generate for my company?

A. uantity varies from campaign to campaign. Based on your revenue goals for the year, the mConcierge platform will help you extrapolate how many impressions, leads and appointments will likely be necessary in order to accomplish your goal(s). You can then choose from recommended integrated campaigns or build your own in the system in order to generate and track those need to be considered including: how aggressive your campaign is, what types of activities are being executed, opportunity with in your service area, budget, efficiency of marketing to sales process.

Q: Do you have success stories or examples of campaigns that has worked in the past?

A. Yes, Success stories can be found in our testimonials section.

Q: How are other partners leveraging the marketing concierge program?

A. Program utilization varies by partner marketing infrastructure and expertise. mConcierge provides a full-service marketing solution for those who need it—or can simply augment your current marketing infrastructure.