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Getting Set Up
Q: How do I log into mConcierge?

A. Users are required to log in to protected areas of this site along with the mConcierge tool for planning and executing marketing campaigns. Log in at the top of the screen or by clicking here. If you do not know your username (generally your e-mail address) or password, you can reset your password by clicking here.

User Name& Password
Q: What is the cost to use mConcierge?

A. The mConcierge program has been fully funded by Cisco. The only partner costs are those associated with the execution of your marketing activities. These costs include list purchases, search engine marketing costs (e.g. Google AdWords), media purchases (e.g. magazine ad), events, etc.

Q: How long to I have access to mConcierge?

A. You will likely have access to mConcierge for as long as you derive value using it. Please bear in mind, however, that mCon Platform is unlimited??mConcierge is an exclusive program for high-potential Cisco partners. As such, we reserve the right to expand, curtail, or revoke partner access at any time.

Q: How do I obtain support for mConcierge?

A. Support can be obtained svia the “Click to Chat” feature at the top of this page—or, if you have been assigned one, reaching out to your mCon representative Click to chat, to call, contacting your mCon Rep.

Q: Are my customer lists secure?

A. Yes. Customer and prospect lists uploaded to the platform will only be used by your organization.

Q: Will I be able to receive reporting from mConcierge?

A. Yes. Reports can be generated for every campaign executed and all follow up activities that are reported in the lead management area of the system.

Q: How can I use mConcierge to generate and distribute leads?

A. Every campaign launched through the mCon Platform is fully trackable. The platform can be set up to generate alerts and leads for most actions taken by prospects. Leads can be assigned to multiple contacts within the Lead Management section.

Q: Does the lead management feature of mConcierge integrate with my CRM?

A. No. However, we are working to ingrate this into other commonly used CRM Platforms in the near future.

Q: How do I add users to our company’s mConcierge account?

A. Currently Working with Mark at SW>Please use the “click to chat” feature above or reach out to your mConcierge representative to set this up.

Q: What will be the “sender e-mail address” on the e-mails that are sent out?

A. E-mail campaigns will be sent from the “record owner” e-mail address. The record owner is a field your company designates during set up. You can change this information at any time by logging into the system.

Q: How do I ensure that I won’t be blacklisted or flagged for spamming?

A. The mCon Platform has several checks and balances to conform to e-mail marketing rules and regulations. The platform prevents spamming as well as sending campaigns to contacts that have unsubscribed to previous e-mails.

Q: Can I connect the landing page to my Website?

A. To ensure proper functionality and lead tracking, ability it is suggested that we recommend that all landing pages be hosted through the mConcierge platform. However, your website can be accessed from the landing pages by clicking on your company name or logo that appears on the page or microsite.

Q: What is a trackable phone number?

A. A trackable phone number is a “DID” that is generated to correlate inbound phone calls to specific campaigns. These phone numbers will appear on marketing assets and are then forwarded to a specific phone number and/or extension of your choice. They are used help increase traceability, improve quality, and provide sales training opportunities.

Q: How do I set up the trackable phone number?

A. Trackable phone numbers can be assigned to your campaigns as you fill out your profile in the mCon platform. You may choose a toll free number or a local number. For more information, please use the Click to Chat feature above or contact you mCon Rep.

Q: Who should the trackable phone number be routed too?

A. It is best to have trackable phone number routed to a team member or vendor that is not only present, but also trained to field sales inquiries. As such, a dedicated sales person or team is best.

Q: Why does a computer-generated voicemail pick up instead of my company voicemail?

A. In the Call tracking section of the mCon platform, the “Time to voicemail” default is set to 30 seconds. If an automated voicemail picks up before your company’s voicemail kicks in, you will need to extend the “time to voicemail.” You can do this in the call tracking section of your account. For more information, please utilitize the Click to Chat feature above or contact your mCon rep.