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Creating a Marketing Plan
Q: How do I choose a campaign/message?

A. Once logged into the mConcierge platform, you will have the ability to choose a campaign. The campaign you choose should be one that will help you achieve the goals you have established in your marketing plan and—ideally—one that aligns with current Cisco program or promotions.

For more assistance with selecting campaign messaging you can visit (section of platform) Click to chat or contact your mCon rep.
Q: What is an Integrated Marketing Plan?

A. An integrated Marketing plan leverages the same messaging, promotions, and call to actions across multiple marketing activities. These plans are often executed over a 6-12 month period in consistent fashion to create a sustainable lead generation and nurturing model.

Q: What marketing activities work the best?

A. Rarely does a singular activity generate consistent leads. It is best to choose complementing activities that conform to a logical timeline. To learn more about activity integration, please visit the Marketing Basics page.

Q: How do I identify the right marketing mix for my organization?

A. Based on the revenue goals, technology focus, and target industries you input into your marketing plan, the system (or your mCon rep) will present a handful of recommended integrated campaigns—a proposed marketing mix. You may also customize this approach on your own. Analyzing the performance of your past marketing activities is a good way to guide this process As time goes on, the mCon Platform can also provide metrics to help you improve your marketing mix.

Q: How many campaigns/activities can I schedule?

A. There is no limit to the number of campaigns or activities you can schedule.

Q: How is my activity managed using mConcierge? Timelines/Milestones, etc?

A. The campaign tool (or your mCon rep) can generate a summary that includes a list of activities, milestones and timelines to help you manage the planning, setup, execution, and optimization of your campaign.

Q: Do you have templates I can use for E-mail?

A. Yes, the mConcierge platform has a variety of e-mail templates that can be co-braded and customized for your organization’s use.

Q: Where can I learn about a Customized Marketing Activity (CMA)?

A. Partner marketing Central. Contact Your mCon Rep or the Cisco Virtual Marketing Organization for more information.