A Cisco partner network study

90% American workers use their own smartphones for work

Cisco Partner BYOD Insights

For all the bluster about “Bring your own Device,” no one has just asked the typical American employee whether he uses his own smartphone for work. Turns out, there’s a 90% chance he does, and companies aren’t paying for it. 

It really gets interesting when you ask those tech savvy workers about well-known smartphone
vulnerabilities – Bluetooth, wireless networks and password protections. “Bluewhat?”

  • 9 in 10 Americans use their smartphones for work
  • 40% don’t password protect their smartphones
  • 51% of Americans connect to unsecured wireless networks on their smartphone
  • 52% disable Bluetooth discoverable mode

The findings of this survey, conducted by a group of Cisco partner firms, point to a post Blackberry landscape where everyone is bringing their own smartphones to play and companies are trying to keep up. Download for the full report findings below.
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